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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  February 6, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". now at noon, setting the stage for what could be the biggest celebration the city has ever seen. it takes a lot to put on a victory parade. but philadelphia's leaders and law enforcement say they're ready. the seeksment is building as the plans come together, good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. the the chap chronic chip parade kicks out from broad and broad and pattison then it will end at the art museum, about 5 miles. >> and that's where we find joe holden, with more on the city's parade preparation, good afternoon, joseph. >> reporter: jim, rahel, good
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afternoon to you, and i should add that when the pope came, they had month, about six months, to get this thing off the grounds now they have days , and it is busy, erecting stages, building all sort of contraptions, and rigs, to not only hold the stage, but also, to hold the cameras cents that will bring the pictures live back to people who don't want to join the estimated 3 million people who will be down here, of course, that will be the focal point. all up and down the art museum stems, right now, this is a bustling place of activity to get this area ready for thursday. >> the lombardi trophy makes a stop at city hall thursday morning, dozen crowd in the to get a picture with the shiny piece of hardware. the emotion here full of euphoria, and philly pride. >> it was told that bill belichick was originally to provide the details of the parade. but, you know, i'm here. >> fred, creative group with a
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joke, describes the city's effort to handle the crowd. had only days to prepare for this parade and celebration. >> we've heard numbers and report of how many people are coming. we know we can't fit 3 million people on the parkway, so a lot of people will arrive early to get the best vantage point. >> thursday's party will step-off at the linc between 1045 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. shooting up broad street, and then out the parkway to the art museum. parade will conclude at 2010. the ceremony follows fourteen jumbro-trons will be in place, and 80050 p have alren hauled in. about security, philadelphia police and the department of sue finalizing those plans. looking toy had a message for copy some t sunday night small small number of home. >> there sir mayor with the pretty blunt but emphasizing it was a very w caused trouble n
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sunday night. meanwhile, city were happy having a good time and doing ceremony,ll that is expected to go from0. again, the high amount, 3 million people, expectedkway,, down to the sport complex, it will be to see. reporting live for now, outside the art museum, joe holden, cbs 3, "eyewitness news." >> thank you so much, joe. of course as joe mentioned, millions are expected to pack the parade route, people going to and from the big event, can ride for freon septa's mark frankford and broad street line. "eyewitness news" reporter alicia live at septa headquarters where a news conference just wrapped up within the hour. alicia? well jim, septa told us little while ago, that on that market frankford and those broad street lines, people are expected to be transported 70,000 per hour on
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about 300 train cars, septa will have in operation. and that's just one of the ways that people are going to get to be close to that parade route. it is certainly going to be a massive father for septa. that's why they had this news conference just new minutes ago, explaining what that plan is going to be like for them, this thursday, now, at the news conference, they broke down the parade plan. the head of septa talk about the 2,008 phillies parade. and acknowledged how that did not go as well as septa had hoped it would be, would go, or how well septa riders hoped but this time around, septa feels it has a far better plan in place. now, part of the plan is that septa already consolidate stops on rail lights, regional rail will operate inbound only in the morning, then sometime between 130 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. regional rail will begin operating out bound. now, septa estimate about 400,000 people will ride on it rail network to head into this parade. about 100 to 150,000 people
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may, and that's a strong may, may be able to get close to the parade through the septa bustlines. now, anyone riding the regional rail will have to purchase a special independent bus or rail pass for thursday. that's going to be $10. and about 50,000 of those passes will be available, you can purchase them on line through septa website. and as you mentioned, jim, anyone riding the market frankford line or the broad street line, the trips will be free. that's sponsored by blue cross and blue shield. >> really understanded that we can carry about hundred to- 550,000 people to the parade in the ceremony. soy if we have about a 2 million people at the parade , that means we can carry about one in four. >> that means 75% of the people trying to head into this parade will have to find another way. but for those planning on that 25% planning on getting to the parade route with septa, the biggest thing stressed in this news conference was to make a plan now. you know, over a day or so to
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plan for your route. take the time right now to do it. >> because it is going to be a struggle. there is a way but it will be a struggle. for now reporting live in center city, alicia, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> plan ahead, good plan. >> and people are coming from near and far to witness the historic parade and hotels are filling up very quickly. by some estimate, as we've mentioned up to 3 million people could be attending parade. many hotels along the route are already fully booked through wednesday evening, visitors even extended the vacations the minute the birds became super bowl champs. >> filling up. in fact, even right now we have no rooms. we've been getting calls all day, when is the parade, what's the best time to come. where, all day long, the phones have been ringing. >> crews on the parkway busy preparing for the big day, building a stage on the art museum up stems for the ceremony at the end of the parade. >> see the parade of champions live here on thursday, our live coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. we will be there every step of the way as the team makes it
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way up broad street and up not art museum. you can watch our coverage also live on and the cbs philly facebook page, "eyewitness news," and the eagles, celebration continues. don't miss it. >> and while the celebration also just getting started in philadelphia, it is time to clean up in minneapolis less. the party officially over in the bold north. super bowl live on nicolet mall is slowly disappearing. big purple banners that read super bowl lii were the first to go, and the stage used for live performances during the ten day festival is no more. the target date for all of the clean up to be complete is friday. >> and if you are looking to re-live the incredible moments , leading up to, during , and following the eagles historic super bowl lii win, you've got you covered, head over to your source for all things eagles. >> good thing the parade isn't tomorrow because we're in for wintery and wet weather. meteorologist, katie fehlinger here with a first look at the forecast, katie, quiet now, but things will take a turn
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tomorrow morning. walk us through it. >> in a big way, too, when the storm systems comes in it will bring you when the he minks dollars bag, a lot of details come with it, but in short expecting rain, ice, and snow. and it will all come through over the span of the entire day. so, we will get to much more on that as the show progresses cents here and larger weather hit. but out the door, maybe working mid-shift, storm scan pretty quiet. few flurries flew across the northern counties early this morning, from just very weak disturbance basically done and out of here, maybe see flurry at some point tonight. but generally it is just chilly, and thankfully actually little milder than yesterday. our wind flow has gun to shift more southerly, also have temperatures expected to rebound to where they actually should be. but looking ahead again for tomorrow, here is the idea of what you're going to face depending where you are. it is primarily a wintery weather event for those north and western counties but see the whole nixed bag along i-95 coming up track this in much more detail, time it out, how much snow will fall, all of that important information, and of course, the parade day
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forecast coming up later, as is well, guys? >> thank you, katie some breaking news to tell but, judge in philadelphia has reinstated manslaughter charges, against the engineer in the deadly 2,015 amtrak derailment. this news comes during today's hearing from a friend bastian, eight people you may recall when the train rounded curve at more than twice the 50-mile per hour speed limit and derailed. the federal investigators had concluded that bostian was distracted by radio traffic and lost his bearing. >> well, coming up on cbs-3 " eyewitness news," all eyes on wall street today after yesterday's steep drop in more than six years. the stock market has gone too far, too fast. it has just appropriate to hit the reset button. >> this financial planner seems pretty callment. why economic expert are not panicking about monday mark slump, and why they say you shouldn't either. >> and you know him as frazier crane's cranky father. but john mahoney's work
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extended far beyond that emmy nominated performance. paying our respects to the late actor,
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>> fans of television and movie remembering actor john mahoney today, veteran stage actor you will rep cents as frazier ' father. eight men out, moon struck, performed in the chicago theater scene for almost 40 years. john mahoney was cents 77 years old. and a wild ride continues on wall street, one day after stocks suffered the largest single day point drop in market history. >> the dow plunged more than
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500-point today in the first few minutes of trading, before rebounding. correspondent diane king hall report from the new york stock exchange. the stock market tumbled right from the opening bell. within seconds, the dow was down more than 500-point. but minutes later, it was back on the upside by triple digits >> is this healthy? >> it is very healthy. markets cannot be one way, we cannot go straight up or straight down. we need buyers and sellers to really pull and find the right prices where our market should be at. tuesday's initial sell-off started after market dropped around the world, domino effect from wall street's worse day in years. on monday, the dow had biggest percentage decline since 2011 dropping 4.6%. the question for investors is whether the turbulence is a sign of the second longest bull run is over, or if it is a simply the correction that market watch verse been predicting. stocks have rocketed higher since president trump took
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office. on the promise of tax reform and easier regulations cents. but with the strong economy comes concern over inflation, and rising interest rate, which can affect corporate profits. >> i think for our economy, it has gone better over time. there would be no need to panic. when we start to see swings in the market like we have been. >> the question invest remembers asking is whether the worse of the declines is over, at least for now, diane king hall, cbs news, wall street. swings in the market. i got whiplash yesterday. still ahead on "eyewitness news," little bling for the birds to show their world champ status. >> the story behind the gift for the eagles coming up. meisha? >> doing what is expected of you can make you feel good. but in today's all about the time you spends going above and beyond, what makes you great. that story coming up. katie? >> meisha, looking ahead to the upcoming weekend, we do have temperatures that are going to rebound back toward where they should be, back to seasonable territory. however, there is pretty decent likelihood we end up
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with some rain specially saturday night into sunday. meanwhile we've got another storm to track already for tomorrow. and that's bringing huge mixed bag. we'll walk you through the en
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>> katie is back, quiet today, not quite tomorrow. >> exactly not. you know how they talk about that proverbial calm before the storm? >> waiting for you to stay. >> apply goodness, really is. even as early as the morning drive tomorrow, we will be in the thick of things, and basically, all day event, maybe with a brief break along the way. so we will get you through all of that, but just a lot of detail that tends to come. with storms like this, because snow, ice, rain, all three of those impacts are coming at us here. and it is cents an all day event, too.
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so all of the commutes are impacted here. start going out to storm scan, best place to start when tracking active wirthment the storm hasn't completely organized itself, it is cents in the beginning phases you have streak of snow working it way through nebraska, kansas, more moisture starting to build and bubble up near the gulf, all of the these cents come together to form one large beautiful organized storm system, but then it, reaks some havoc on our commute. for tomorrow. so pre-emptively the national weather service posting winter storm watches, taking effect very early morning tomorrow morning in the pong knows and out to lancaster county is winter weather advisory, this may shift as the day goes on, but here is where it stands. and it is obviously the most outlying suburbs and count that's are impacted by the winter alerts that we've got. now, high pressure in place right now, even though we have the clouds overhead. but into tomorrow morning, wednesday, early morning, that we begin to see first signs of life on the local radar. warmfront followed by cold front. ironically the warmfront
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bridges in the snow. because it is coming under the cover of darkness, so you will have this mixed bag here with rain-snow line slowly lifting north, then it does eventually turn over toward drenching range. as the cold front crosses through, so it is a wednesday event long and short of it, so here is 4:00 a.m., the beginning of the precipitation sarg to go nudge closer. it is really one that's typical morning rush is getting underway, so the time something terrible on this. that we really begin to see things break out. and it is a mix. it could be a light even moderate snowfall though for a time here in southeastern pa before that warmth lift in, and the temperature rises to allow the change-over to take place, but there is likely to be a break between front, this is sort of your warm sector of the storm, this break, between the front. but then, we see the rain come in, it will come through heavily. look at. that will that's intense rainfall right there. that's going to drench you right through the evening drive. there is 5:00 p.m. so afternoon, early evening, not looking pretty. now, things will eventually clear out, i think boo the
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time kate is back on the air 11:00 basically gone but the aftermath will be the clean up that needs to take place, so here is our exclusive snowfall map. yes, could you actually end up with really decent jackpot up here. here near the ski resorts. down in the city, talk about sharp gradient. coating to inch at the onset of snow and ice, then comes the change-over to rain because the temperatures climb i still assume it is slick out there, though. higher totals further north and west you go, mainly rain off to the south and east. good news for our eagles, and everybody going to the parade, though, back to sunshine on thursday, i worry about some icy spots, though, so keep that in the back of your head kind of like yesterday. may still have lift over refreeze that goes on hine this storm system, but will be long gone, come parade day. this is one of the spots that will likely see the first round of precipitation coming in for very dreary start to the afternoon outside whitfield elementary school, still dry, and we look ahead, by thursday, again, chill in the air. it won't feel much better than the 20's, but if you're out on
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the parade route for hours at a stretch you have to be ready for that. looking forward, though, we do rebounds as we mentioned in time for the weekend. >> hopefully the love of will keep you warm. >> just don't use alcohol to keep you warm, okay? >> good point, katie. thank you. >> going above and beyond, what one man is being praised for. >> meisha has the man's story in today's love it. meisha? >> there will comma point in all of our lives whether we will see something that causes us to action. the question is will we do what we are called to did in that moment? one young man didn't hesitate going above and beyond the calm of duty for a stranger. look. >> barbara bringman will celebrate her 82nd birthday with badly broken arm on the men, and not not much recommendation of the rough tum thal caused it during her daily stroll. >> i have no idea what in the world happened. but he was cents just the sweetest guy. >> what she does remember is nick ties, the air force found 18 year old was driving home from the gym recently, when he spotted barbara stalled along the road with temperatures
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only in the teens. >> coming around the corner, someone could have hit her or could have been really bad. >> didn't know him from a hole in the wall. just a nice young man. >> that nice young stranger drove her to the er. but he didn't stop there. he fetched the wheelchair, got her all checked in, and then waited. and waited. for her son sons to arrive. >> and i'm saying this guy, he is something else. i said god must have sent an angel. >> a few days later nick got this from barbara's family. a hand written thank you note and a crisp 100-dollar bill. a reward he's not altogether comfortable with. >> i don't consider myself as is a hero, i consider myself, you know, someone that was at the right place at the right time. >> that's because nick says he just did what he should do, he did what he would want someone else to do for his grandmother >> that's right. do un to other a what you would have them do un to you. nick didn't just call an ambulance for a strange nerve trouble. he went the extra mile and drove her all the way to the
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hospital. he waited when her to make sure she would be okay, a complete stranger. great job, nick, and best of luck to you in the air force. i love it. i call it angels in the room sometimes when someone just shows up at that right time and they have the decision, a.m. tie busy or what can i squeeze in or if they actually act, and when at the do man doses that sends a ripple effect around the person's life, the community. >> and you put yourself in that person's shoes and what would be done if my mom or sister or grandmother. >> you better believe it. absolutely. >> great story. thank you shall meisha. >> your welcome. >> still ahead: when sports collide.
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>> lombardi trophy isn't the only hardware eagles are being rewarded with. >> world west inning entertainment wanted to recognize the birds win, so sending this championship belt , yes, and wwe executive vice president of talent, shared this picture. he tweeted to quote zach ertz you're the world champions so you need a worlds title. congratulations, eagles, hashtag fly eagles fly. >> always can use additional accessories. that's eye within news at noon for today. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon, for meisha, katie, all of us here, thanks for watching. >> that would look really good on you, jim. >> don't give him any ideals. >> eyewitness continues at 5:00 always on line at the young and the restless is coming up next. have a good day everyone.
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>> previously on "the young and the restless"... >> jack: you've finally done it -- run straight to the enemy. turn in your security pass and your company computer. you're no longer welcome at jabot. >> noah: i'm glad that this happened now rather than years down the line. so if you still want tessa, she's yours. >> j.t.: i got to give her credit. whoever she is, she's good. >> here you are, miss west. all in cash. >> chelsea: i'm not happy that we lost money to some crook, but at least it's over. take the write-off and move on. >> sharon: nick opened up a wall or a duct or something and found a bunch of hidden cash. it's close to a quarter of a million bucks. talk about good timing. [ door opens ] >> billy: what's going on, csi?


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